Semikron Stud Anode Rectifier Diode SKN 240/12 (1200V/240A)

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Semikron Stud Anode Rectifier Diode SKN 240/12 (1200V/240A)
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High current rectifier diodes from Semikron housed in standard stud-mounting cases. Due to the excellent thermal coupling between the device and heatsink stud mounting offers high reliability at high operating currents. With voltage ratings of up to 1700 V these diodes are suitable for most high power rectification applications.


  1. High voltage and current ratings
  2. Robust high-reliability hermetically sealed case
  3. Low thermal resistance between device and heatsink
  4. SKN types have the Anode connected to the stud body
  5. SKR types have the Cathode connected to the stud body


  1. Diode Configuration: Stud Anode
  2. Maximum Continuous Forward Current: 240A
  3. Number of Elements per Chip: 1
  4. Peak Reverse Repetitive Voltage: 1200V
  5. Mounting Type: Stud
  6. Package Type: M16
  7. Diode Technology: Silicon Junction
  8. Pin Count: 2
  9. Maximum Forward Voltage Drop: 1.4V
  10. Length: 36.93mm
  11.  Width: 32mm
  12. Height: 36.93mm
  13. Maximum Operating Temperature: +180 °C
  14. Minimum Operating Temperature: -40 °C
  15. Peak Reverse Current: 60mA
  16. Peak Non-Repetitive Forward Surge Current: 6kA
  17. Dimensions: 36.93 x 36.93 x 32mm


  1. Datasheet.


  1. All-purpose mean power rectifier diodes
  2. Cooling via heatsinks
  3. Non-controllable and half-controllable rectifiers
  4. Free-wheeling diodes
  5. Recommended snubber network: RC: 0,5 μA, 30 Ω (PR = 2W), RP = 50 kΩ (PR = 20 W)


  1. 1 X Semikron Stud Anode Rectifier Diode SKN 240/12 (1200V/240A)
Weight (KG) 0.001000
Manufacturer SEMIKRON
Model Number SKN 240/12
Voltage (Min) NA
Voltage (Max) 1200V
Power NA
Current (A) 240
Temperature Range (Min) -40°C
Temperature Range (Max) 175°C
Memory NA
Num of Pin's 2
Package M16
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