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HSPY - Programmable DC Power Supply 0-400V, 0-1A 400W HSPY-400-01

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HSPY - Programmable DC Power Supply 0-400V, 0-1A 400W HSPY-400-01
SKU: MD-01257
PKR 46,000.00

Availability: Available on Jul 31,2019

Hspy 400V 1A DC programmable power supply output of 0-400V,0-1A adjustable 400


1.This item is a new modular adjustable power supply, the first stage of switching power supply, linear power stage is it with switching and linear power supply, compared with a high accuracy, ripple, high stability, high efficiency, no high frequency radiation interference, for occasions of features. It effectively solves linear power supply, low efficiency, high-calorie, switching power supply ripple big problem, is a linear power supply and switching power supply perfect combination.
2.Product is adjustable DC power supply, voltage, current, continuously adjustable, steady flow regulator with automatic conversion of high-precision DC stable power supply, the output voltage from 0 volts from the transfer, arbitrarily selected within the rated range, current limiting protection point can be arbitrarily chosen, the output power can be continuously adjustable within the rated range. Voltage, current output and settings on the LCD screen can be displayed simultaneously
3.It has improved overload and short circuit, overheat protection circuit; fanless design, quiet, no noise; shuttle design, you can easily set the voltage and current output value
4.This product adopts microcomputer control, computer link can be arbitrarily set the desired voltage and current values. Common on the market and regulating transformer relay regulated pressure regulator DC power supply, compared with a high accuracy, ripple, high stability characteristics.

1.this product has a unique switching and linear power supply performance portfolio and programmable function, can be widely used in scientific research institutions, laboratories, automatic test equipment, electronic test equipment, production lines of resistors, relays, motors and other electronic Components sophisticated, routine tests, electrolytic capacitors sophisticated, enabling tantalum capacitors, communications equipment, automatic aging equipment and all necessary DC power supply applications. It has the perfect protection circuit, to better meet users' simple, easy to use requirements, highly praised by users
2.This product can directly connect with PC via special software controls the output voltage and current values, and can be monitored in real time on the computer power of the working state, in order to accurately grasp the load characteristics
3.This product is available PLC control, control power supply output voltage and current

1.Input voltage:220V
2.Output voltage range :0-400V (adjustable)
3.Output current range :0-1A (continuously adjustable)
4.Power: 400W
5.Voltage / Current Display: LCD display four
6.Load Regulation: Voltage 0.02% + 2m
7.Current 0.02% + 2mA
8.Setting accuracy: Voltage 0.1%
9. Current 0.1%
10.Display accuracy: Voltage 0.1%
11.Current 0.1%
12.Setting resolution: Voltage: 10mV
13. Current 1mA
14.Display resolution: Voltage: 10mv
15.Current: 1mA
16.Ripple and Noise: Voltage ≤ 2mVrms
17. Current ≤ 3mArms
18.Readback value Temperature coefficient: 50PPM
19.Dimensions: 185 * 85 * 120mm
20.Weight: 1.45Kg

Package Included:
1 x Adjustable DC Power Supply
1 x Power line
1 x Communication Serial Line
1 x Tester line

Additional Information

Additional Information

Part Number HSPY-400-01
Weight (g) 1500.0000
Manufacturer HSPY
Voltage (V) NA
Power 400W
Output Voltage 0-400 V
Current (A) 1
Temperature Range (Min) NA
Temperature Range (Max) NA
Size (mm) No

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