Arduino is a simple microcontroller board and open source development environment that allows you to dream up both functional and creative projects alike. A popular platform for DIY projects, Arduino boards (which range from the tiny Mini to the powerful, wifi enabled Yun) are the "brains" that begin many projects.

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  1. Arduino Pro Mini ATmega328P (16MHz)

    Special Price PKR 420.00 was PKR 530.00
  2. The Things Uno

    PKR 11,175.00
  3. Intel Arduino 101 Development Board

    Special Price PKR 5,450.00 was PKR 5,750.00
  4. Arduino Mega ADK Rev3 ATmega2560

    Special Price PKR 2,950.00 was PKR 3,250.00
  5. Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3

    As low as PKR 1,150.00 was PKR 1,300.00
  6. Arduino ATmega328 UNO Rev3

    As low as PKR 800.00
  7. Arduino Nano V3.0 ATmega328P

    Special Price PKR 535.00 was PKR 800.00
  8. Arduino Pro Micro (16MHz)

    Special Price PKR 520.00 was PKR 650.00
  9. Arduino Ethernet Shield W5100 Without POE Support

    Special Price PKR 1,050.00 was PKR 1,200.00
  10. LilyPad Arduino Main Board

    Special Price PKR 650.00 was PKR 700.00
  11. Arduino Esplora

    Special Price PKR 3,600.00 was PKR 4,200.00
  12. Arduino DUE

    PKR 2,980.00
  13. Arduino YÚN

    Special Price PKR 11,500.00 was PKR 13,500.00

18 Items

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