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Spartan 6 XC6SLX9-TQG144 Learning Xilinx FPGA Development Board

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Spartan 6 XC6SLX9-TQG144 Learning Xilinx FPGA Development Board
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Spartan6 Learning Xilinx FPGA Development Board



  1. The Suspend function: The controllable suspend function, it can according to user's equirements to allow FPGA to enter or exit from the suspend state,thereby reduceing the power consumption of FPGA.
  2. The Multiboot function: Without upgrading , it can switch in more than one version of FPGA ,which uses a piece of FPGA to achieve diffrent functions.
  3. The Fall Back function: If failed to load in the upgrade process, it can be loaded automatically another program which is storaged in advance, thereby avoiding FPGA cannot restart .
  4. The DNA function: Each of the Spartan6 chip has a particular string of 57bit, it is similar to the human's DNA, any one of FPGA is diffierent, so we can compare the chip's DNA with the code. if diffierent ,it will does not work, so as to prevent being pirated.
  5. The MicroBlaze function: The SMART core board comes with 256M SDRAM, users can easily run the MicroBlaze. the core board and the expansion board is seprate. The core board can used alone or plus in the SMART expansion board to be a more powerful board , it according to your needs.


  1. FPGA main chip: XC6SLX9-TQG144
  2. FPGA configuration chip: AT45DB161D (16Mbit)
  3. SRAM: IS42S16160B (16M * 16bit)
  4. Clock: 50MHz crystal oscillator active way
  5. Debugging Interface: 14-pin JTAG
  6. Power supply: 5V, 3.3,1.2 V.
  7. edicated power supply chip AS1117.
  8. LED: a power indicator, a loaded indicator, two user-defined indicator.
  9. KEY: 1 independent keys, a load button.
  10. I / O resource interface: 52 IO leads and marked, easy to use, and it also can be used with the Smart Universal expansion board for more resources.
  11. CR1220: 3V battery provides power for the clock chip, to ensure to work without power
  12. The RS232 serial interface: to communicate with the PC by the serial interface
  13. Eight LED lamp
  14. Four LED digital display tube
  15. A buzzer :can alarm
  16. 4*4 array keyboard: can be used to input data or as program buttons to regulate clock and so on.
  17. An IR receiver
  18. 24C16 serial EEPROM
  19. DS1302 clock chip
  20. DS18B20 single bus digital temperature sensor
  21. A NRF905 interface: nRF905 can radiate and receive through SPI interface
  22. A NRF24L01 interface: nRF24L01 can radiate and receive through SPI interface
  23. LCD1602 character LCD interface
  24. LCD12864 graphics LCD interface
  25. TFT-LCD interface
  26. SD card
  27. Step motor interface


  1. -TQG144 Software Instruction Tutorial.
  2. -TQG144 Schmatic Diagram.
  3. -TQG144 Block Diagram.


  1. Smart Spartan6 core board: 1 (directly plug in the expansion board)
  2. Smart Universal expansion board:1
  3. High-quality USB power cable:1
  4. 9 Pin serial line: 1
  5. IR remote control:1
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Additional Information

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Manufacturer Xilinx
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Looks good but not working properly
This kit seems great as it is having every thing any beginner need. But its boundary scan is not showing this XC6slx9 device.I have purchased two both are showing same behaviour
Review by Ahmad / (Posted on 9/18/2016)

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