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GRATTEN Dual Channels Digital Storage Oscilloscope GA1102CAL (100MHz)

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GRATTEN Dual Channels Digital Storage Oscilloscope GA1102CAL (100MHz)
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An oscilloscope can be a very handy instrument to keep on your workbench and this GA1102CAL digital storage oscilloscope will help you take your circuit analysis and troubleshooting to the next level.


An oscilloscope can be a very handy instrument to keep on your workbench and this GA1102CAL digital storage oscilloscope will help you take your circuit analysis and troubleshooting to the next level. This 2-channel, 100MHz digital scope has a 1G Sa/s real-time sampling rate and comes with everything you need to get up and running. Each of the two included probes features an attenuation switch which will limit the bandwidth to 10MHz. USB-host functionality allows the scope to save waveforms to any USB flashdrive and USB-device functionality (accessible via the USB-A port on the back) allows the scope to communicate with the included software so you can import waveforms and data to the computer as well as software-control the scope. The scope also supports PictBridge compatible printers. The 7" color TFT display and on-screen menu system make it easy to access all of the features of the scope.


  1. 2-Channel, 100MHz
  2. 7" LCD Screen
  3. 1G Sa/s Real-time Sampling Rate
  4. 50GSa/s Equivalent Sampling Rate
  5. 40K/CH Memory Depth
  6. Rise Time: Less than 3.5ns
  7. Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternative, and Delay Trigger Functions
  8. Digital Filter and Waveform Recorder Functions
  9. Pass/Fail Function
  10. Save and Recall Setup/Waveform/CSV data on USB Flashdrive
  11. Save or Print Waveform Image Captures
  12. On-Screen Menu System
  13. RS-232 Connector
  14. PC Remote-Control with Included Software
  15. Input Voltage - 100-240VAC




Vertical System

Vertical sensitivity

2mV/div - 5V/div (1-2-5 step-by-step)

Channel voltage offset range

±10div offset from the screen center

AC plus accuracy

2mV/div ≤±4%, the rest gears ≤±3%

DC measurement accuracy

±[DC measurement accuracy x reading+ (1% x vertical displacement reading) +0.2div]

Rise time

< 1.2ns(only to GA1302CAL)

< 1.8ns(only to GA1202CAL)

< 3.5ns(only to GA1022CAL/ GA1042CAL/GA1062CAL/GA1102CAL)

Vertical coupling


Arithmetical operation

+, -, × , ÷ , FFT


Window mode: Hanning, Hamming, Blackman

Sampling points : 1024

Bandwidth limit

20MHz (-3dB)

Horizontal System

Time base

2ns/div ~ 50s/div, step 32 gears according to sequence

1-2-5 (only to GA1022CAL~GA1102CAL/GA1202CAL)


1ns/div ~ 50s/div, step 33 gears according to sequence

1-2-5 (only to GA1302CAL)

Wherein, 100ms/div ~ 50s/div is the scan shift.

Horizontal displacement range


Display mode

Y-T mode, X-Y mode

X-Y mode phase difference

±3 Degrees

Display type

Point display, vector display

Trigger System

Trigger type

Edge, pulse, video, slope, alternation

Trigger signal source

CH1, CH2, EXT, EXT/5, AC Line

Trigger mode

Auto, normal, single

Trigger coupling

DC, AC, Low-frequency rejection, high-frequency rejection

Trigger electric level range 

CH1, CH2:±10div

EXT: ±1.5V

EXT/5: ±7.5V

Trigger sensitivity

CH1, CH2: ≤1div

EXT: ≤0.15V

EXT/5: ≤0.75V

Hold-off range

100ns ~10s

Edge trigger

Type: rise, descend, rise and descend edge

Pulse width trigger

Type: (>, <, =) positive pulse width

     (>, <, =) negative pulse width

Pulse width: 20ns ~ 10s

Pulse width resolution: 5ns or 1‰ (take the higher value)

Video trigger

Support signal system: PAL, NTSC 

Trigger condition: odd field, even field, all rows, specified row

Slope trigger

 (>, <, =) positive slope

 (>, <, =) negative slope

Time setup: 20ns-10s

Alternating trigger

CH1 trigger type: edge, pulse, video, slope

CH2 trigger type: edge, pulse, video, slope

Measurement System

Automatic measurement (32 kinds)

Maximal valve, minimal value, peak-to-peak value, amplitude, top value, bottom value, periodic average value, average value, periodic mean square root, mean square root, rise extreme, descend extreme, rise time, descend time, frequency, period, pulse width, positive pulse width, negative pulse width, positive duty ratio, negative duty ratio, phase, FRR, FRF, FFR, FFF, LRR, LRF, LFR, LFF

Cursor measurement

Manual measurement mode, cursor tracking measurement mode 

Control Panel Function

Auto setup

The auto setup function can realize automatic regulation of the vertical system, the horizontal system and the trigger position.


2 groups of reference waveform, 16 groups of common waveform, 16 groups of setups; save and recall from USB flash drive of the waveform, setups, CSV and bitmap files (CSV and the bitmaps cannot be recalled from the USB flash disc) are supported.

Hardware Frequency Counter

Reading resolution ratio

6 bits


Alternating-current coupling, from 10Hz to the maximal bandwidth

Signal source

All sources capable of being triggered in pulse trigger or edge trigger type




  1. Dual Channels Digital Storage Oscilloscope User Manual.
  2. Dual Channels Digital Storage Oscilloscope Software Guide.
  3. Dual Channels Digital Storage Oscilloscope Tutorial.


  1. 1x GA1102CAL Oscilloscope
  2. 2 x 1:1/10:1 Probes
  3. Power Cable
  4. USB Cable
  5. User Manual
Additional Information

Additional Information

Part Number GA1102CAL
Weight (g) 2300.0000
Manufacturer ATTEN
Maximum Input Voltage 400V (DC+AC peak value, 1MΩ input impedance)
Input Coupling AC, DC, GND
Input Impedance 1MΩ± 3% || 16pF ± 3pF
Probe Attenuation 1X, 10X, 100X, 1000X
Sampling Mode Real-time sampling
Sampling Rate Single channel 1GSa/s, dual channel 500MSa/s
Storage Depth Single channel 40kpts, Dual channel 20kpts
Acquire Mode Sampling, peak value detection, average value
Average Time 4, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
Channel Amount 2
Bandwidth 100MHz
Vertical Resolution 8bit
Vertical Coupling AC,DC,GND
Hold-off Range 100ns ~10s
Edge Trigger Type: rise, descend, rise and descend edge
Reading Resolution Ratio 6 bits
Display Type TFT 7-inch (178mm) LCD
Resolution 800 X 480
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Power Supply 100-240 VAC, CAT II, auto selection
Power 50VA Max
Frequency 45Hz to 440Hz
Background Intensity (typical) 300 Cd/m2
Waveform Display Range 14 × 8 grids
Afterglow Off, 1 second, 2 seconds, 5 seconds, infinite
Menu display 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, infinite
Screen Saver Off, 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min, 15min, 20min, 1h, 2h, 5h
Interpolation Mode Sine interpolation, linear interpolation
Screen Color Mode Normal, inverse phase
Display Language Simplified Chinese, English
Temperature Range (Min) -20°C
Temperature Range (Max) 60°C
Humidity ≤ 90% below 40 ºC
Size (mm) 339mm X 149mm X 111mm

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